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We offer 3 Pre-K Programs to suit your child's needs:


5 day - 9:00 - Noon


Monday - Wednesday - 9:00 - 1:00


Monday - Wednesday - 9:00 - Noon



This year we will do our best to get your child ready for Kindergarten.

We will follow a routine each day that is similar to a routine they will follow in Kindergarten. 

    Morning Schedule 

            9-930:        Arrival and free play 

            9:30-10:     Circle time
                                      Pledge of Allegiance
                                      Patriotic song
                                      Discussion of subject of the day
                                      Special presentations/celebrations/holidays
                                      Related story     

           10-11:15:            Group Work  (Rotation)
                                      1.                Art: Children will explore all art forms, (paints, markers, pencils, clay, design, and creations!
                                      2.                Science/Math: Children will begin to understand and explore numbers, our senses, weather, land, sea, magnets and our world!
                                      3.                Learning: Each day we will learn/review one new thing and review past teachings. We will start with awareness of ones self, family, friends, school, and rules of safety. We will then begin the letters, one by one each week.
                                      4.                Snack and books: Each day we will have a snack provided by school (with some donated by you). Lots of times the snack will reflect the theme of the week. Children will then look at books of their choice and find letters of the week or specific pictures. They can share books with their friend.

           11:15                           Overall review of lessons/bathroom/clean up

           11:30-12:00        Outside Play/ Storytime/Movies/Group Game

      Afternoon Schedule (if applicable)

           12:00 -1:00         Lunch and quiet play 
             1:00 - 1:30        Story time/resting music
             1:30 - 2:15
        Outside play (weather permitting)

                             Group projects/ small motor skills(inside)
           computer , play dough, puzzles, holiday projects

             2:15 3:00      Snack and large block building or coloring 

3:00 4:00                   Supervised free play 

4:00 5:00                   Clean up quiet play

5:00- 7:00           Individual projects/movies/stories

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Please register for this program through the link on our Home page or call the school at 908-852-1210 for more information.

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